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“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” John Gunther 
We couldn’t agree more and so we're extremely pleased to announce that, included within your bed & breakfast rate, you'll be treated to the most important meal of the day by our friends at Rick Stein's Cafe. 
The Cafe is down in the harbour just a few minutes stroll from Coswarth House.  Breakfast is available from 8.00am for early birds or as late as 10.30am for those who prefer a lie in.
The Cafe team will ensure that you will be looked after in the same manner as guests staying in Rick Stein's own accommodation.  A table will be reserved for you & you'll be free to choose from the full range of breakfast options which includes mouth-watering treats such as layered granola compote with vanilla yoghurt and fresh berries, a belly-busting english breakfast with eggs fried, poached or scrambled, freshly grilled locally sourced kippers & more adventurous options such as huevos rancheros*.
The team at the Cafe will keep you topped up with your choice of tea or coffee &, if you have the room for it, they'll bring extra toast made with Rick Stein's own bread accompanied with a selection of his preserves.
We're delighted that we've been able to establish this exclusive partnership with Rick Stein's team.  We've known them a while now.  They're lovely folk who will look after our guests well & serve them food that's been sourced with the same careful attention to quality & sustainability that we've always strived for.
 *There is a £10 per head per day breakfast allowance at the Cafe.